Thursday, April 16, 2015


It has been a long time since I have written a blog or even thought about updating my page here. I have been battling back and forth whether or not I have anything to write. But deep within me is always a passion to do so. So I have been dealing with this internal struggle to come up with something worth while that might just engage readers enough.

I took a look at my surroundings and what I am currently doing in my life, and I then compared them to the world travels and amazing new revelations I was coming into a while back. I began to laugh at the comparison, like there was much of one, and then began to doubt in my ability to write new and exciting things. But then I thought deeper and realized that Jesus never waited until He found new, relevant, and exciting things to speak, yet He just spoke and people listened. Granted, He is Jesus and He is an overwhelming being of revelation and knowledge; I can't compare. But I got hit with the idea that my life is a constant journey. The Lord doesn't wait to move until you are on the mission field. He doesn't wait to speak until you are in a prayer room. He doesn't wait to encounter until you move to a country and dedicate your time to helping the poor. Jesus is always moving, He is always speaking, and He is always willing to encounter us at any particular point in our journey of life.

When I used to look back at this past year, I would sort of just think it was a season of transition and I wasn't expecting much to come from it until the Lord called me out to missions again. I know...I fell into the mindset that I have to be doing "missions" work to be effective. I have constantly told so many people that your life is "missions" no matter what you are doing. Whether you go to school, whether you work, or whether you are on the "mission field". I felt like a hypocrite when I realized I wasn't living by that mentality.

I currently look back at this past year and am now struck with constant memories of how the Lord has moved in my life and through my life. We both found jobs and an apartment, and it was hard for me not to think of that as "the normal life". But I now look and realize the Lord has been using me, even when I haven't fully seen it.

For those of you who don't really know what I am up to, I am living in Colorado with my wife as we both work, waiting to here what the Lord has for by day. It was challenging at first. Now it's riveting! I can't tell you how many opportunities I have had to impact people I work with and even the customers within my job. But the enemy blinded me to it. I cried out to the Lord to make a move. But little did I realize He was moving...constantly.

That may all sound so jumbled. But the thing I want to convey is that Jesus is so real and so alive today. He doesn't come alive based on what you are doing in your life that may sound more holy or not. He is always willing to move and impact His children. I have been hungering for travels and to see the Lord move in other nations. That was a hard wall to hit when I felt Him calmly say that He wants to give me a heart for all of His children, regardless of where I am at in the world. I can't say that I have ever really had a "heart" for Colorado, but I can say the Lord is giving me His slowly, because God knows I can only handle so much.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013


A lot of the times when I write blogs, I sit at a coffee shop and people watch for a good 30 minutes before I begin to write something. It fascinates me to watch what people choose to spend their free time or their money on. I begin to look at every person and realize every one has a passion, a creative personality, and a heart that is drawn to love, whether they realize it or not. Everyone was created with a tendency to love or to desire love. That is why this generation is so lost. It's because they are seeking love from things that can't give true love. How can you love someone and seek love from anything until you realize the One who is perfect Love has loved us first? 

One of the students on my last outreach, Jordan Frey, shared with our DTS his hope to see healings on our outreach. He tried and tried and saw nothing. He explained that God revealed to Him that Jesus healed people in scriptures because He first loved them. Jesus never didn't operate out of love. Every miracle and healing He saw was because He loved. So Jordan went and tried to get himself to love these broken people so he could see healings. Still nothing. He didn't see one healing, and then the Lord asked Jordan, "How can you love others when you don't know how much I love you?"

One of the greatest commandments from Jesus is to love Him and to love our neighbors and enemies. We all deserve hell. Not one person deserves eternal life. But Jesus in all His graciousness loves each one of us, even if we are idiots. Every person I am looking at in the coffee shop I am in is loved by Jesus. And if that is true, which it is, why can't I love each one of them? 
We are called to love. 

The school is officially done. Anna and I have completed our season here with YWAM for the time being. We just spent the past 8 months praying, worshipping, discipling, learning, growing, and reaching out to the lost. The past season has been absolutely incredible, but we are excited for what is next! 

We need help to get home! In completing this school, Anna and I are needing to raise more support in order to get home. We are traveling to each of our homes for the holidays and need help in doing so. The campus is entering a new quarter and we will have no place to stay by the end of this week, so Anna and I need to raise a total of $1,000 for our plane tickets! If you could first and foremost pray for us and the provision of the Lord, that would be amazing!

If you do feel led to help support us, that would be a tremendous blessing! You can email me at with any questions. If you use PayPal, you can click the link below. If that link for some reason doesn't work, you can just donate to my email address through 

Thank you all for your prayers and support! We are grateful!


Friday, September 13, 2013

The Funky Fish

As I stood there in front of all these teenagers, I began to share my story about how Jesus is real and how I have a personal relationship with Him. I had no time to prepare, so my words seemed like they were fumbling out of my mouth. But in the end, to my surprise, I watched as each teenager, aged between 13-18 years old, started to bombard me with questions about how Jesus is real. They began to ask me to ask the Lord what He thinks of each of them. These kids were proclaimed atheists, believing in that moment that I could possibly hear from God. So as they asked me, I asked Jesus. I was nervous, yes, but more so excited. The words that came to me from the Lord for these kids seemed so simple and almost too grand for it to have any impact, but I was wrong. The words I received began to impact these kids.

One kid was named Johnny. He was a loud-mouthed, goofy 15 year old who stood on his belief of atheism. He asked me what Jesus thought of Him. I got a picture of fire...that was it. I told him and watched as his eyes grew and he started to grab his head, saying, "I love fire! How did you know?" The rest of the night continued, and Johnny, who always seems to be the center of attention, walked outside by himself to think about what had happened. I went out to talk with him. The only word he could use to describe what had happened was "Weird". He was speechless, realizing that there could potentially be a God reaching out to him that very moment. I encouraged him to ask the Lord to prove He is real. I said that it will take a leap of faith no matter what you choose to believe. 

The night came to a close and everyone was leaving. It was a crisp night in Bandon, and at around 11pm, we began to say our goodbyes. Johnny walked out of The Funky Fish cafe (yes, that was the name of it) we were at, looked back with a surprised look on his face, and then asked if his friends had called his name. All the teenagers denied they said anything. He then ran to the owner of the cafe and said, "It sounded like a friend called my name. I realize it was Jesus! He is real...He is real! I know it now!"

This testimony of our time in Ireland was just one of many amazing things that our team saw. From hearings and miracles, to seeing an atheist get encountered by the Lord, and we just got to play a small part in the bigger picture for this nation. 

If any of you want to hear more stories, please email me and ask me, Anna and I would love to share more of what the Lord has been doing. 

Anna and I are now back in Kona, Hawaii. We graduated all the Awaken DTS students yesterday and officially said farewell to this past season.

Anna and I are finishing up our time here in Kona with staff debriefing as well as joining the prayer and worship crew for another month. In October, we head to Oregon to spend time with Anna's family and to spend some time with our new nephew that was born while we were gone. After that, we are heading to Colorado to spend the rest of the year with my family and to greet our new niece who was also born while we were gone! We are more than excited for this next season to rest in the Lord and truly seek Him with what could be next for us. 

So first off, thank you ALL who supported us financially and through prayer. Sorry for the lack of updates, but thank you for sowing into our season of amazing growth with Jesus and our absolutely incredible time in Ireland. We would not have been able to do it without you guys! And you guys get to reap the rewards as well!

If you could continue to pray for us as we transition out of Kona into a season of seeking Jesus with community and family, that would be an amazing blessing! We need your prayers!

In order to finish up this year being in Kona, Oregon and Colorado, we are needing to raise $1,000 for our housing and flights as well. So if you pray and feel a tug to help support us in any way, that would be a tremendous blessing! If you want to know how to support us, you can email me at You can also donate through PayPal by clicking the link below. If for some reason the link does not work, then you can still donate through PayPal by sending any donation to my email written above.

Thank you all again!


Monday, July 29, 2013

Spilling Over

It was a cloudy day, the first in a long while, so we suited up and hit the streets of Bray, Ireland. The carnival was in town, and the weather didn't seem to keep anyone away. It was crowded with families, dogs, kids, and a few lonely stragglers. My team and I walked along the sea wall, praying and looking for whoever the Lord had on His heart for us to pray for. I felt this burning in my gut, pushing me in the sense of talking to this man sitting alone. He was there for at least an hour just watching the carnival, not a smile was on his face. I knew I had to talk to him, but what would I say?

I slowly made my way by myself, sat next to him on the wall in front of the carnival in the midst of a frigid breeze and mumbled, "How often does this carnival come around?" He sat there and shook his head in uncertainty. I then went on to ask his name. He said his name was Marian, and he lightly chuckled, saying that his name was a girl's name. I laughed. He went on to tell me his occupation. He was a home designer and a home builder. He then began to show me pictures of his house. He mentioned that every part of his house was built with his own hands. As we looked at his phone, he began to show me pictures of all his kids and his wife. I probably said a total of 3 words as he began to tell me why his family lives in Poland and he lives in Ireland. It was amazing.

I went on to ask if he felt lonely. He said yes. I proceeded to tell him about Jesus and how He is the comforter; that Jesus desires to be with him. Marian was moved. I began to say that this life of relationship with Jesus is possible for him. We began to pray. He confessed his sins and proclaimed that he desired a relationship with Jesus. He went from being the sullen man on the wall to praying excitingly, letting the emotion of his heart spill over. He gave his life to the Lord that day. Marian thanked me over and over before he went to work.

Ireland has been absolutely incredible. This was just one of many stories of the Lord moving on people out here. We have seen salvations, healings, and especially freedom amongst believers! It has been absolutely astounding. Jesus is so worthy in this nation. We have been doing homeless ministry in different parts of Ireland every week with Tiglin (Teen Challenge) out here. Jesus is saving His children out of the pits of hell and giving them freedom!

I know this is a short update, but thank you all for your prayers and support! I am definitely humbled that I get to be apart of this amazing journey, and a big part of my thanks goes to you guys for helping me get out here!

We still have just over a month left. Please continue to pray that all the seeds that have been planted grow and that we have more divine encounters.

If you pray and feel led to still help me and Anna on our journey out here and beyond Ireland, please message me at Or you can simply donate through PayPal to my email.

Thanks again!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Awaken Ireland Update

Join us in this amazing journey! We leave in 11 days and need your help! If you feel led to help support us, email me! If you have PayPal, just send donations to my email at!
Thanks you!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Awaken Ireland

In one month, Anna and I will be embarking on exciting journey with 6 others to the nation of Ireland. If you have been getting updates from me for a while, you will know how exciting this really is for Anna and I to be able to lead this outreach team to this very special nation that is immensely dear to our hearts!

If you are sitting there asking why we would go to Ireland, I will go on to tell you that the Lord’s heart is for this nation to be a family and to come to know Jesus as the Father, the Healer, the Comforter, and the Savior. Not many people realize that Ireland is one nation that is incredibly separated. The nation as a whole is split up into the North and the Republic, or even more specifically, the Protestants (North) and the Catholics (Republican). Many families in Ireland carry generations of hate towards each other without even really knowing why. There is a peace wall that runs along the north, separating the Catholics and the Protestants. It is a physical representation of disunity in the nation. The Irish kill the British out of hatred and disunity, and vice versa. This gorgeous nation suffers from the stronghold of death and disunity.

Me and my wife’s heart is to see this nation revived! We desire not to choose a side and try to convert the other. Yet, we desire to be a bridge of unity, pointing to the one true Father of Hope. We know we can see this nation join in the family and body of Christ just by being relational.

We are heading out to Ireland to serve the country and other ministries. We will team up a bit with the YWAM crew and others as well, yet our main goal is to ask the Lord His heart everyday for His people and what He would have for them, and then to be obedient in what He asks us to do! From worship in the streets to reaching out to the homeless, we desire to build friendships and trust with the Irish people so that they can see the hope and love of Jesus through us. We know Jesus lives inside of us and He wants to change the hearts of the lost. So, we plan on doing that! We plan on seeing the power of Jesus released! We plan on seeing miracles and healings! But most importantly, we plan on seeing the lost saved and for there to be unity in the body of Christ! We pray that these people would know their father!

If this stirs your spirit, which I pray it does, than you have the possibility to partner with us in seeing this done in this nation! We need your prayers and support! I promise, if you choose to sow into this outreach, you will reap the rewards of heaven! You will be playing a very crucial role in the lives of the lost! If you want to see salvations and healings and miracles, but can’t go to Ireland when we do physically, you can sow into it spiritually and still reap the rewards!

You can first of all pray for our team and for the nation! Prayer is the most powerful thing we believers can do for one another. We need prayer in these areas:

1. We do not have housing for Ireland at the moment. But we know Jesus will provide! Please pray that the right doors open and that we can find a place to rest our heads in Dublin, Ireland.

2. Pray for strength, wisdom, and joy! Ireland is a beautiful country, but it definitely is a heavy place spiritually! Pray that we have unity and joy in the midst of the strongholds of disunity and death.

3. Pray that the Lord’s will be done in this nation! Pray that we have boldness!

4. Lastly, please pray for finances! Anna and I are so excited to be able to be apart of this journey, but it is not free, nor do we get paid! We need to raise $7,000 by next week to be able to lead this team! If you sow financially into this outreach, I again promise you that you will reap the benefits and rewards of heaven! We can’t go to this nation and minister to these people without this money! We know the Lord will provide, so please simply pray and ask the Lord if you are to donate!

Thank you already for all your prayers and support! We are grateful!
If you do pray and feel led to help support us financially, that would be a tremendous blessing! You can do so by clicking the PayPal link below. If the link doesn't work, you can still send me a donation to my email address at or you can email me with any questions! Thank you again!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I have to be honest, when I begin to write a blog, I stare at the screen for quite a while just thinking of what I could write about. The thing is, Jesus is so faithful in the midst of every circumstance that I feel I just repeat myself constantly in my blogs. But I really can't get over the fact that Jesus is a wonderful, faithful, caring, just, merciful, and mighty God. We will never fully understand the God we serve; it is an endless journey, and it will be that way in eternity. 

I want to live a life removed from boundaries that the world sets up. I want to live radically! The same spirit that was with Jesus on earth lives inside of me! It doesn't have to be a huge equation to understand the power we carry as believers on earth. The Lord is desperate to move on the broken hearted, to heal the sick, to save the lost, and to revive this world. I just want to play my part. My problems are so petty. 

I just want to dance on my problems and move on to the greater things that Jesus calls me to be apart of!

If we realized what we carried, no insecurity or worry would hold us back. Jesus, set my heart on fire. Remove the boundaries we have set up over our hearts! Let us live radically for you!

This past week we had a guy named Chad Dedmon speak to our DTS. If you know anything about Chad, you know he walks in a radical calling of miracles and healing. But if you really knew him, you would understand that he us just a regular guy walking out in the knowledge of the Holy Spirit inside of him.

I want that!

The students are getting stirred up and stoked for outreach, which is exactly one month away from today!
Thank you all for your prayers and support for me and Anna during this time! We have grown radically together as well as we have seen the students walk in amazing breakthrough! We wouldn't be able to do this without you guys!

Since we leave in one month from today, we are in need of some more prayer and support! So get your prayer hands ready for the radical list of prayer requests below!

1. We still need housing for our team in Dublin, Ireland! The Lord continues to speak to our team that we need to station ourselves in Dublin, yet we have no housing. But since the Lord has spoken it, we know He will provide! So please be praying that the doors open up wide!

2. Pray that we are filled with strength and heaven's perspective for this outreach! It is going to be a wild 3 months, but all of us are so expectant and ready for what the Lord has! Pray that we are able to change the spiritual atmosphere rather than the other way around!

3. Finances! Anna and I are needing to raise $7,000 for this outreach. That is $3,500 each! We are needing this money to come in as soon as possible! So please be praying the Lord releases it in Jesus' name!

If you have prayed and feel led to support us monthly or with a one time donation, that would be a TREMENDOUS blessing! You can do so by clicking the PayPal link below. If that link doesn't work, just send a PayPal donation online to my email at I promise you will reap the fruit of this incredible outreach to Ireland!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!

Thanks again for all of your prayers! We feel them!